Sunday, August 20, 2006


You know, I think I might take up playing golf. I just got done watching Tiger Woods play the final round of the PGA Championship and it looks soooo easy!

51 victories including 12 Majors and counting. Damn! Can he play that game or what?

(Actually, I remember a long running argument we had at my fraternity back in the day (okay, 1970 if you must know) about whether golf was a sport or a game. Those that played the game insisted it was sport. Those of us who did not play considered it a game--like darts or horseshoes. Now even those events are to be found on ESPN!)

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Anonymous said...

golf is an activity. confirmation is when Tom Brady was injured just before the playoffs and he was allowed, by contract, to be involved in activities not contact or agressive sports. he played in a celebrity pro-am during one of the patriots bye weeks while on injured reserve.

oh, and i'll give you two stokes a hole and we'll play for ten dollars a hole, birdies are double, eagles are triple........since your a beginner