Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wild Animals Gone…well, Wild!

Olympia, Washington is being besieged by a masked gang of hoodlums that been on a murdering rampage lately. Psycho killer raccoons terrorize Olympia (an AP report via Yahoo! News)

"It's a new breed," said Tamara Keeton, who with Kari Hall started a raccoon watch after an emotional neighborhood meeting drew 40 people. "They're urban raccoons, and they're not afraid."

They have killed at least 10 cats, attacked a small dog and bitten one resident who has had to get rabies shots.

The local officials have asked for trappers from the US Department of Agriculture to come in at help eliminate the killers. Unfortunately, raccoons are pretty intelligent.
Meanwhile, residents have hired Tom Brown, a nuisance wildlife control operator from Rochester, Washington, to set traps, but in six weeks he has caught only one raccoon. He and Carrell said raccoons teach their young — and each other — to avoid traps.

Brown said he had seen packs of raccoons this big but none so into killing.

"They are in command up there," he said.

Good luck Olympia.

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