Saturday, August 26, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 40
More Electrical and Plumbing

Adam took the week off and I made several trips hauling stuff from NJ to PA. Meanwhile, Don and Kyle (who has started soccer practice and is, therefore, working short days) made some advances on the electrical wiring and plumbing of the log home. Nearly all of the water lines have been run and the drain lines for the three baths and the kitchen are complete. Only a few electrical lines need to be run.

Again, I have no pictures because…well, the work was diverse and really not cenetered enough to make any good photos.

Monday I made a one-day trip hauling of several boxes of kitchenware and clothing to put into the storage unit. On Thursday, Terry and I drove out with several more boxes of the same materials but stopped in the Sayre/Athens area to shop for bathroom fixtures and tile. We also stopped to shop for a wood burning stove for the basement. We enjoyed dinner with Don and Deb and stayed overnight at their home.

Next Tuesday I’ll make another one-day trip to pick up the wood burner we ordered and deliver that to the building site. I’ll also haul a few more boxes to the storage unit. Later in the week, Terry will take some things up to the Adirondack cabin that will serve as our home once we close on the NJ property. I will make yet another trip to PA on Friday with more stuff for the storage unit (which is nearing capacity).

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