Thursday, December 25, 2008

College Bowls

Who were those guys in black and gold that played against Hawaii last night? Couldn't have been Notre Dame--these guys looked competent! I mean, 49-21 is a real beat down especially since it was 49-14 with 3 minutes to go in the third quarter and it was essentially a home game for Hawaii. Clausen threw for 5 TDs? isn't that more than he threw for all year? Or does it just seem like it? Sheesh! Charlie Weis may never come back down to the field again.

It's a good thing I haven't given up my day job to become a college football prognosticator. There have been seven bowl games played so far and I've gotten a grand total of ONE (1) of them right! (Thank you South Florida!) Okay, it took overtime for Ole Miss to beat my pick Troy 30-27, and TCU beat Boise State by just one freakin' point 17-16, and Colorado State needed 285 yards gained by Gartrell Johnson (he got another 90 yards receiving for a total of 375 yards) to beat Fresno State 40-35, I still had the wrong team in six of the seven games played.

Navy got sunk by Wake Forest 29-19 and BYU got taken down by Arizona 31-21.

I'd feel really bad about the 1-6 record except 1) I'm not in any pool and 2) my buddy Mark is 2-5 and he's the only person with whom I have any wager(s).

There's still a heck of a lot of football to be played and 27 more picks. (Mark and I differ on six more games.) Here's hoping I don't end up with just a 5 and 29 record. Here's the post with all my picks in case you wish to place bets on the teams I picked against.

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