Wednesday, December 03, 2008

PA deer season (Rifle) day 3

I got up early this morning to get some hot breakfast before going out to try my luck again. Terry got up to make me some oatmeal while the coffee brewed and I got my warm clothes on. The temperature at 6:30 AM was just 20 degrees but the forecasters promised it would rise to 40--but I wasn't going to take their word for it. Long johns, heavy bib coveralls with fleece lining, four layers from t-shirt out to heavy jacket and safety orange vest; I thought I was ready for the cold.

The back part of our property is on a steep slope--the northeast slope. It's the last area to even see the sun. And, despite the cloudless sky, today was no different. The sun didn't reach where I sat until near noon and by then my toes were blocks of ice inside my boots. They are insulated--just not enough. They (the boots and toes) are warm enough when I'm moving but when I try to sit still for any length of time.... They say when your feet are cold to put on a hat. I reckon I would need one hell of a hat--with wolf fur lining and all--to keep my feet warm.

Oh, and while the wind did die down for about an hour or so starting at 1 PM, it blew pretty steadily at around 5 to 10 mph the rest of the time.

And I didn't see a deer. I saw turkeys, red and gray squirrels, a chipmunk, chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches, brown creepers, ravens, blue jays, and many more small birds, but no deer.

There were some shots but nothing closer than half to three quarters of a mile away.

Thoroughly depressed at the lack of deer, I headed back to the house around 3 PM. When I got back I just had to check the thermometer because I thought for sure the weather gurus had gotten it wrong. But no, the maximum temperature was 41 degrees at 2:30 PM. Of course, that was on the side porch and the sun was shining on it at the time, but still, it did record 41 degrees.

I did go and install my makeshift ladder hanger and hoisted the extension ladders up under the deck so the day wasn't a total waste..... WHAT AM I SAYING?! A day in the woods hunting is NEVER a wasted day! (Especially if you are still employed.)

Tomorrow morning is supposed to be either snowy changing to rain or just plain snowy. I think I'll bundle up and sit on the porch.


Rev. Paul said...

The WORST day hunting is better than the best day at work ... I envy you that day in the woods - cold and all.

Richard said...

If you don't already do it, slip your feet in a plastic bag (grocery) before putting on your boots. That will keep the heat in a lot better. (Old construction tip when working outside in winter.)