Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yesterday's cold

So just how cold was it yesterday?

Cold enough that Shadow permitted Chester to cuddle up to her on the couch. She even did some cleaning of his ears. He, in turn pushed his head into her belly like he wanted to nurse. Shadow would have none of that, however, and growled a warning that he needed to cut that sh*t out! He did and they stayed cuddled for quite some time.

The remarkable thing about this is they are brother and sister and behave like such all the time. That means Shadow is always screeching at Chester even if all he has done is look at her cross-eyed. Oh, sometimes he deserves a good screeching and caterwauling such as when Shadow just wants to sleep and he wants to play tag or wrestle a little, but more often than not it's just Chester being curious as to what Shadow's doing.

So yesterday's cold was not quite the cataclysmic event that would bring cats and dogs together, but it did bring this brother and sister pair to a tentative peace.

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