Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weigh in Saturday (Not!)

It's Saturday and I'm supposed to get on the scale and make a report.

Not today. And probably not for a couple of weeks.

We've got company and the food has been too plentiful and too good to pass.

Suffice to say that, were I to step on the scale today it might very well protest thus, "One at a time, damn it!"

And the weather stinks. If it's not raining, it's icing over. If it's not icing over, it's thawing and muddy as hell.

Christmas Eve it was fist icy, then rainy then windy--40 mph worth of wind--first from the south then the north. Christmas morning the wind continued and the temperature plummeted from the 40s into the 20s and stayed there all day. The morning had snow flurries but the driveway was a sheet of ice (from packed and partially melted snow). The day after (Friday, the 26th) it was cloudy, misty and clammy all day. The only good thing about Friday was the lack of wind. But that was rectified over night. The winds returned this morning and the ceiling has settled at around 2000 feet. I may have mentioned that the Aerie is at 2100 feet. Those who are good at math will see that we are sitting in the midst (mist?) of the cloud cover. At least the temperatures have moved up close to 40 again so the ice in the drive is swiftly breaking up.

I could do with a couple of days where it's "mostly sunny" instead of "mostly cloudy."


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays?......easy happy for family, friends, and good cheer.......and be happy you didn't retire at the bolt hole, and be angry you didn't retire 3 or 4 hundred miles south of the aerie. and feel free to give accuhunch and intelliguess cudos for getting the forecast right.......ho...ho...ho...hee...hee...

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your company and enjoy the yummy food! :) Have a great new year, too.