Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Few Things to Do With Company
at the Aerie

We had company starting Wednesday afternoon when a couple we met on our Alaska trip came west from near the Cape Cod Canal to spend a few days here at the Aerie and the environs. Terry and I took them up to Corning to visit a couple of museums and then west into Potter County to visit some of the Lumbermen's Museum and some of the natural sights of western Tioga County. Terry enjoyed having company because she got a chance to cook for someone other than me.

Thursday afternoon, after I finished my morning physical therapy, we went up to Corning, NY where we were able to stay indoors while it was raining--often quite hard.

The Corning Museum of Glass is, perhaps the premier museum for the history of glass in the world. The exhibits are fantastic and educational. One thing that's always enjoyable to see is one of the "gaffers" (glass blowers) demonstrate his or her skills.There's a lot of new construction going on and the museum will be expanding in the next year or so.

New glassblower's demonstration stage.

Cameras and large screen TVs (upper right) give you
an excellent view of the details of the gaffer's work

Today they made a flower vase.

We also visited the Rockwell Museum of Western Art. Their special exhibit at this time was of classic National Geographic photos. It was nice but I still like the art from Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. (I did not take any photos at the Rockwell. I've done so in the past but just enjoyed walking around and looking at the paintings and bronzes this time out.)

Both museums required a lot  of walking and I put my new knees through the wringer. But there was more to come....


Friday the weather forecast was a bit better and we went west where the museums and state parks would have us outdoors much of the time. It was still overcast and cloudy with a few sprinkles but it was better than it had been on Thursday. The ride along Route 6 was enjoyable by itself, but our westernmost destination, the Lumbermen's Museum was under construction for a huge expansion. The main exhibit building was closed. It hosed a great exhibit about the CCCs and was the major reason for our visit. *Sigh*

New addition on the museum should be finished next spring.

The out buildings were (mostly--the mess hall was locked) open and we still got a chance to walk around to see some of the equipment used during the heyday of lumber activity in Pennsylvania.

Sue & Bruce at the Lumbermen's Museum.

Small shuttle engine at the Lumbermen's Museum.

Shay engine used to haul logs out of the woods at the Lumbermen's Museum.

Sue & Terry on the Shay engine.

CCC Cabin & statue at the Lumbermen's Museum.

Leaving the Lumbermen's Museum, we continued west to Coudersport to have lunch and then turned back east to visit Leonard Harrison State Park and the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Even with the leaves still green, the view is magnificent. In about three weeks when the fall colors arrive, it will be even better.

View North from the view point.

View South from the view point.

View West from the view point.

Afterward we stopped at the Mansfield farmer's market and went back to the Aerie for dinner. As we were eating, the skies opened up and it poured--despite the earlier forecast that it wasn't supposed to rain again this weekend. It rained all Friday night and into the wee hours of Saturday. In all we got 0.25 inches of rain--that wasn't forecast or even recorded by That was on top of the 1.15 inches we got Wednesday night and Thursday. We seem to have timed our touring pretty well.

Sue and Bruce left early Saturday to wend their way back east. The sky eventually cleared and the sun came out after noon.


threecollie said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun! We made it to the Remington Museum once and had a great time. Never been to Corning, though I have always wanted to go.

Rev. Paul said...

What a great couple of trips! Glad to hear your knees are doing okay.

My maternal grandpa worked for the CCC for awhile, and told me a few stories about it. Most of the buildings in the Missouri state parks were built by the Corps.

joated said...

Threecollie, we've been up to the Remington Museum up on the St. Lawrence several times. Also went to the Charles M. Russell Museum in Montana. (It's right next to his little log cabin studio in Great Falls.)

All are nice but the Russell museum has the largest collection from various artists and its different exhibits are supurb.

joated said...

FYI: Remington Museum is in Ogdensburg, NY.

joated said...

Rev. Paul, my Dad was working in the forests somewhere out west for the CCCs as a teen.

Pennsylvania had more CCC camps than any other state. Probably because it had such a large expanse of forests and was so close to the big cities of the east. ALL our state parks have buildings and other structures (pavillions, bridges, roads and such) built by the CCCs.

TennRebel said...

Do you have any problem loading more than one photo at a time? When copying photos from disk drive to the program if I select more than one file at a time I get an error saying connection to server lost.

joated said...

I had no problem doing several at a time. I did do them as separate groups though: one group for each location.