Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quiet Day At the Aerie

Friday morning was my first back at physical therapy in a week. Oh, I got some exercise (mostly walking with some stationary bike) and some hot tub time while Terry and I were in Portland with Rick and Sandy, but it was a far cry from what I should have been doing. And therapy being of the dry land exercise type proved even more that I missed my workouts. Afterwards my knees ached and were noticeably swollen.

This being the Fabulous 1890's Weekend in Mansfield (celebrates the first night football game), there were all kinds of events going on. I would have gone to more if my knees were feeling as good as they did prior to PT on Friday. Terry and I limited ourselves to a visit to the farmers' market before going to the church's turkey dinner on Friday. Then we went to the firemen's breakfast this morning.

I spent Friday evening applying ice to my knees. I continued doing that this morning and saw/felt some improvement, but this afternoon, while watching football, I opted for heat. That seems to be working even better. (Or, maybe, it's just that the heat has been applied for a longer period of time. There was lots of football to watch!)

The weather has been excellent with cool--low 40s nights--and bright sunny 70 degree days. While we had 1.15 inches of rain while we were away, it hasn't rained since we returned--but fog!!?? Boy have we had fog--and dew--every morning. Mostly the fog stays down in the valleys below us giving the impression of a white sea with little islands poking above the surface. Occasionally we can see the fog wafting slowly up the hillsides making it appear as though we were in the Smokey Mountains. Rarely, the fog encompasses us and produces and ethereal atmosphere in which visibility is very, very limited.

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