Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Night Ramble

It was a good day today. Terry and I awoke to 40 degrees outside and 59 degrees inside. It later warmed up to 74 degrees outside but never got above 65 inside.

We went to breakfast at Grandma's in Mansfield. Good pancakes and omelets. Hot coffee and tea refilled as often as needed. Friendly service.'s both local and inexpensive.

We then went back to Agway to get some metal fence stakes, weed killer, weed barrier, and a couple of large mums.

Our third stop was at the automotive garage to book time next week for both the Aveo and the Jeep. Each needs to be inspected and have its oil changed. The Jeep may need new tires for the winter.

Fourth was at the Post Office to pick up the mail and talk to Bobby about her recent vacation and tell her about Terry's activities in Poland. (She also had a hip replaced about six months ago so we swap medical/recovery stories.)

Once home we had lunch and I went out to do battle with some thorny problems in the shape of locust trees, raspberry canes and multiflora roses that were encroaching on the areas around the gardens and just generally making a nuisance of themselves. I managed to beat back/lop off/pull out quite a bit in 2 1/2 hours of work. I (mostly) won but suffered some minor flesh wounds from the thorns and spines despite wearing heavy leather work gloves. It was a workout on the knees, let me tell you! Call it occupational therapy. Bending, twisting, hauling, walking across uneven surfaces.... 2 1/2 hours was about all I could take. [At 9:30 PM: My knees are not complaing at all after that hard work. Is it a sign that I may have turned a corner in the old rehab highway? We'll find out during the night and tomorrow morning.]

Besides, it was time to head back into town. Friday's there's a farmers' market down in Mansfield and we like to go as often as possible to pick a few things up and see what might be in season. Today we bought some banana peppers, maple syrup, peaches, sesame seed French bread, some raspberry kiwi jam, and shortbread cookies. (We actually went for the cookies. The woman's husband is looking to get his knees replaced and she wanted an update and info about my surgery/recovery. She runs Yorkshire Meadows Farm which produces some very, very nice yarn from their own sheep and others' llamas and alpacas, and does some baking and jelly/jam making on the side. Her shortbread cookies are to die for! The jams and jellies are unique and her scones are excellent. Eh, why not? She's British by birth.)

Our final stop of the day was at CVS where I needed topick up some more Extra Strength Tylenol as well as some medications required for a colonoscopy I've scheduled for the end of the month. Ice cream was on sale, too. Edy's at two for $7 is not to be sneezed at. Oh, and we had a $5 off coupon.

Once home it was time for dinner and relaxation. The sunset was once again beautiful. Salmon pink sneaking out from under dark gray clouds that didn't look like they were going to last much longer. Even the clouds' underbellies were tinged in pink.

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Rev. Paul said...

That's quite a day's work, there. Will be interesting to hear if your knees put up a fuss, tomorrow.