Saturday, September 07, 2013

Saturday Morning at the Aerie

Well the knees are a bit sore and stiff this morning but not more than to be expected after the workout I gave them yesterday. I paced off a 1/4 mile on the deck after breakfast and probably walked another 1/4 mile hauling some of the stuff I pulled up yesterday but left lying on the lawn. I'll do 10-15 minutes on the bicycle a little later while watching some football on TV. Along with a few stretching exercises that will be the end of my workout for the day. Got to give the muscles and tissues a chance to recover between exercise sessions--or so says my physical therapist--and who am I to argue.


Didn't get nearly as cold last night as predicted. It only dropped to 54 degrees which was 10 degrees warmer than the predicted low. It's overcast and cloudy so I don't expect the high to be as high as they predicted either. Still, it's very comfortable.


I've scheduled a colonoscopy for the end of the month. Haven't had one in a long while so I'm due for a check-up. Terry mentioned it to a friend via email and he sent back a link to this video:

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