Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eight Weeks

It was eight weeks ago yesterday that I had both knees replaced. During the past week I used the tractor to cut the lawn, spent four days (about 3 hours each) working in the yard and walking over uneven surfaces, gained considerable range of motion and generally gotten around pretty well as we went out to breakfast and did some shopping. I'm pacing 1/4 mile daily--sometimes twice--on the deck's flat surface and am thinking of going down to the bicycle trail a couple days a week to lengthen my walk on the paved surface. I've been able to get on the stationary bike in the basement and pedal for 10 minute sessions against some resistance.  (I am NOT ready for the Tour de France!)

I've still got trouble walking down stairs normally as the muscles, ligaments and tendons don't want to cooperate. Going UP is slow but not nearly as bad. However, my only real complaint is while I'm in bed and trying to sleep on my side. That's when the knees collide and even a pillow between the legs gets uncomfortable.  And, when I get up in the morning, after being in bed for 8-10 hours with the legs stretched fairly straight the knees are very, very stiff for that first half hour of the day. A good time to do either the bike or a 1/4 mile on the deck to get them moving again.

I think I'm making pretty good progress and people tell me I am, but I've not much to compare myself with. I've never done this before. I personally know no one closely enough to compare notes with and those Terry speaks to--well, let's just say she doesn't ask the questions I would. A few folks have told me to expect some discomfort for six to eight months but that, "It will get better!"

I've got two more pool sessions scheduled for this week and they have helped considerably. I may also have to have a "land" evaluation for a report card to the insurance company and my surgeon. I'm to have a second follow up with that office on the 18th and I hope to get some idea of where I stand (no pun intended) at that time.

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Rev. Paul said...

Remembering what my father-in-law went through, some 15 years ago when he had a knee replaced, it sounds like you're doing quite well.