Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Another Trip to Agway

Terry and I went back to Agway's going out of business sale today. There were things I wanted for the winter, the gardens and landscaping that I was going to buy anyway and with the discount...

 The closing of the Mansfield store means a little longer ride to get the plants next growing season, but we bought them over in the Wellsboro store this year. We bought most of our bird seed, garden seeds and onion sets as well as potting soil, ice melt, etc, right here, however.

With that in mind, we went back today and got some of the things we will need this winter and next spring. Ice melt, garden soil, mushroom soil, peat moss, decorative stone, etc. won't spoil if we don't use them right away and the price was more than right! We also picked up some new cat beds. The old ones are so coated in fur that they look a uniform gray/black.

After dropping over $500 dollars the last two days, the clerks were joking that they will see me tomorrow. They may be right. It's just a mile away from Elite Therapy.

The bags of soil, mushroom soil, ice melt, pelletized lime (for the lawn), colored pea stone for the steps, and peat moss were heavy, but with the help of the ATV all I had to do was lift them from the Toyota to the ATV and then from the ATV to their storage place for the winter. Even so, it was a workout moving nearly thirty bags around. The most difficult part was shifting the ATV's gears. That little foot lever (on the left side naturally--the one with the "slow" leg) was tough to move with the new knee. But, I got 'er done!

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