Friday, September 20, 2013

FYI on Family and Tragedy

There have been some sad days this week. Tuesday, my son and his wife discovered that the little girl, Aisley Cecilia, who was due to arrive the end of October, had passed away in utero. As you might imagine we were all shocked as everything looked great during the doctor's visit on the previous Friday .

The doctors were at a loss also and didn't want to state a cause until they could examine the baby. So, they started administering PIT to Sandy to induce labor. They did so in very low doses so as not to cause any internal damage to Sandy. It took two days before the medication worked and Aisley was delivered Thursday morning. She weighed in at 4 pounds 6 ounces and would have been quite a bundle--if she had made it to her scheduled delivery date 6-7 weeks down the road.

As for the cause of her demise, speculation lies with some sort of umbilical cord strangulation although I haven't heard more since Rick called on Friday with word of Aisley's delivery.

Sandy is doing fine physically but she and Rick are--as might be expected--emotionally distraught--as we all are. Sandy's parents arrived in Portland on Wednesday (the advantage of living less than an hour from Chicago's O'Hare airport) and are helping make arrangements for Aisley's burial. Terry sent a wee care gown for her to be dressed in via overnight USPS. Terry and I finally got our affairs in order and will be flying out from Philly this evening to do what we can to support our kids and to see our would-have-been first grandchild.

Never take anything for granted. Hug your kids and grandkids whenever you can. If you don't have any, hug your nieces and nephews--or their kids. Little children are a blessing not to be missed.

Forgive me if there is no college football results or polls early this week. There are far more important things on my plate right now. I may or may not even be online until we get back from Oregon next week.


Rev. Paul said...

I'm so sorry to hear this; please accept my condolences for the whole family.

Travel safely, my friends, and go with God.

threecollie said...

Oh, no, I am so sorry. That truly is a terrible tragedy. As Rev. Paul said, condolences and prayers.