Monday, September 26, 2005

It's Raining!

Despite all the video of flooding in the Gulf region, we here in northern New Jersey have been experiencing another period of extremely dry--some might say arid--weather. Until this evening, the last measurable rain fell on the 16th of the month. That's 10 days without rain. The ground is, excuse me, was, dry as a bone when I went out to the garden and the front lawn, the one I'm not watering, was desiccated and hard as a rock.

I can almost hear the oak trees sigh as they suck up the water!

I had to drove up I-287 to Route 46 this afternoon and took a peek at the jersey City Reservoir in Parsippany. You could see an awful lot of shoreline but it's not as low as it was last year when you could see the rock walls of the flooded fields.

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