Monday, May 15, 2006

Location, location, location

The log home we are building is located upon a 10.36-acre parcel of woodlands in north central PA. On the map below it is lot number 1. The home itself is only about 100 feet from the road in the upper right corner of that lot. (The actual location of the home is not shown and the one indicated here was the previous owner's and has long since been removed. But it does give you a general idea of how little of the land will be "improved.")

Lot number 2 on the map is the 6.94 acres up the hill that we also purchased. Because of its shape, the driveway (a very long affair) to the approved septic site—and therefore the most likely building site—runs right behind (on the south end) of our home.

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I’ve yet to explore the land but can tell you that there are lots of slate/shale outcrops in the area of the road and driveways. I am told it was clear-cut not too long ago and can see the evidence of this in the size of the trees near the home site. I am also told there are some overgrown fields in the far end (the west side of the lots).

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Gun Trash said...

Oh my, that brings back not-too-fond memories of coming from Ohio with its township and plat system of surveying to down here in KY where they do the metes and bounds method.

It was an education reading some of the property descriptions we had over the years some of which included things like "...10 rods SSE to the large white oak tree then due SW 30 rods to the large clump of ..."