Thursday, May 11, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 21a:
Ridge beam rising, and rafter and prow placement

Another week of progress on our log home.

Things started off slowly as we faced the problem of lifting a 44-foot long glu-lam ridge beam into place. Don had decided last week that four guys were not going to be able to do this without getting hurt so we had to wait for a crane to be available. Adam and Jim prepped the beam and erected a couple of support posts and even a few rafters so when the crane arrived, we could get it hoisted in place quickly and safely.

Don and I worked on getting the prow on the end of the garage framed out, backfilling around the scapewell windows and prepping the area where we thought the crane would park to do its job.

First thing Wednesday morning the crane showed up and an hour later the beam was in place. The rest of Wednesday and Thursday we attached more rafters, began the job of framing out the wall for the shed dormer, and planning the connection between the loft and the garage attic.

The rains came late Thursday and continued through the evening hours and well into the night. The forecast is much improved for Friday, although it will be just Don and I. (Jim is at his full-time job and Adam has a doctors appointment.) We'll see what happens.

I'll be posting more, along with pictures, when I get back to NJ on Friday night.

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