Friday, May 19, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 23
Framing gable walls and roof rafters

After several beautiful weeks without any rain, the weather gods turned the tables upon us this week. It has been overcast and cloudy with spritzes of rain three of the five days—the other two (Monday and Friday) it poured. Even so, we were still able to accomplish much.
Wet, wet, wet
Wet, wet, wet.
The only ones really happy about all the rain were the robins who now had ample mud (and straw) with which to build their nests.

Monday, Adam and Don were able to finish framing out the dormer wall with window headers and jack studs before the rains came. (I had remained in NJ to get my truck inspected at DMV. A task that was actually a joy as I got to the inspection station early and there was no wait. And it passed.)

On Tuesday the three of us framed out the rear gable wall. (Rearranging the window placement while we were at it.)
Finished end gable.

Wednesday and Thursday we spent time cutting and installing the jack rafters and roof beam that ties the garage to the main house. Don also began framing out the front shed dormer wall. (It’s really a small wedge above the main roof and the shed dormer’s roof.) The roof line looks much more real with the tie being made between the two halves (garage and main living space).
The tie that binds.
The tie that binds.

Friday was a wet drizzling day so we worked in the basement laying out the plumbing for the drains and basement bath, laying down the plastic vapor barrier, the insulated styrafoam sheets and the wire mesh to which the pex tubing for the radiant floor heating will be attached. It is now ready for the tubing and then the concrete pour.
Basement work.
Basement work.

If the weather holds next week, we should be able to frame out the front gable and start installing plywood on the roof. When the plywood is up, it will really start to look like a home!

The three of us stopped to marvel at the progress we have made in the month since we had the materials all delivered to the site. It’s really difficult to believe that on April 19th we had only the foundation and deck in place and everything else was in piles under tarps, in the tractor trailer or in the shed. And nearly all of this was done by three people as Jim hasn’t been able to join us as much as we—or he—would have liked.

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Fish said...

What have you been doing with all your spare time? (grin)

It's really come a long way in the last month. A couple more months like that and You'll be moving in.

Love the views in the previous post. One of the great things of country living is the views. Like you, I had to buy a bit more property recently just to guarantee my view. Now no one can log off the woods behind the house.