Thursday, May 04, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 19: Progress and Purchases

It’s been another very busy week here in PA. The panelized walls of the garage are up as are the prefab trusses for the garage roof. While the attic space above the garage is huge, the garage itself seems small. It’s a good thing Terry has such a tiny new car! The Aveo could probably drive in one door and make a U-turn out the other. The Silverado however…well, that’s a different story.

The weather just could not be better and the heavy equipment (read: LoadAll) has made moving some very heavy and cumbersome pieces a snap.

The closing on the adjacent 7 acre parcel went smoothly after we got some clarification on an alleged right-of-way. (A neighboring hunting club (Club A) claims there is a right-of-way though our land—not for them, but for another hunting club (Club B) that has an existing right-of-way through the first club’s land. Club B has been using the current ROW since 1972 but the challenge only was raised this passed year. The realtor and attorney we dealt with both agreed that the ROW Club B is using is the correct one and that it goes through Club A’s land. This conclusion was based upon a copy of a ma[p frpm the county surveyor and a previous deed for the land prior to subdivision.

It should get interesting when this spat gets to court. Especially since the current ROW is only as wide as a truck but the deed says (and county rules call for) a 50-foot wide ROW so the road may be maintained. I think Club A may be in for a surprise.

Anyway, I’ll be back in NJ Friday evening and will have pictures to post showing the progress being made.

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