Sunday, April 30, 2006

Other business this week.

In addition to the work with Don constructing our new home, Terry and I will be spending Wednesday closing on the 7 acre parcel next to the 10 acres on which we are building. The expense of buying the extra land will strain our budget quite a bit but--well, you know what they say about land...they ain't making more of it. Besides, the driveway for that 7 acre parcel passes within thirty feet of the house. Purchasing that parcel creates a buffer behind the house that will make us (or at least me) feel more comfortable.

Of course, the sale of the NJ house would make some of the budget problems go away. We had an Open House today (while Terry and I were at the mall getting me some new eyeglasses). Our realtor says he only had two couples come through. *sigh*

I made a third attempt at growing grass in the rear of the NJ property. Twice last year a newly seeded lawn was snuffed out in its youth. First heat and drought killed the late spring planting. Then, heavy September rains drowned the fall planting. Four weeks ago, I sowed seed for a third time. We've been watering it faithfully and saying little prayers and it looks like the grass is going to make it. When I left for PA last Monday it had just started to fuzz up. When I got home on Friday it was over an inch tall. Some time this week it's going to need to be cut for the first time. (One part of the lawn survived the heavy rains last fall though it did so in a patchy sort of way and now, since it hasn't been cut, it looks like a jungle. At least it is thick and lush looking. Grass looks so much better to a prospective buyer than bare dirt.)

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