Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Illegal Immigration = “Modern” Slavery?

Mostly Cajun posts the following:

Illegal Immigration = “Modern” Slavery?

(And he admits to stealing it from Geoffrey who posted it here. )

The writer takes the oft used “illegal immigrants do jobs no one else will do” and compares it to the pro-slavery argument of the 1850s that ran: "...if it weren't for slaves, who'd pick your cotton and tobacco? Would you pay thrice the price simply to appease your conscience or go to Europe for cheaper goods?"

It’s a valid comparison. Geoffrey then points to those who want to keep the illegal alien in existence for the purposes of exploitation. It’s an interesting and thought provoking article.

Look at the signs being held up during the recent marches and look at the list of organizations acting as sponsers. Geoffrey did:
I've noted that the "protests" are organised by "The Usual Suspects" in our society: The American Communist Party, World Workers: Unite!, the AFL-CIO, and the other Socialist-Communist band of brothers who seek to destroy capitalism once and for all. This should give a clue to the people who are being "helped": You are the useful idiots and these people are not on your side.

I might add: What was with the Arabic signs? Just whose support were you trying to get with those little beauties. Also, as a Latino, before you start holding up signs saying this is your land, Europeans go home, etc. you better remember that Spain is in Europe and your ancestors are as much European as the English, Irish, German and the Swede. Hell, even Native tribes came from the Asian continent at one time. In that respect you're correct, "We are all immigrants." Some of us just follow the rule of law better than others.

I'm not going to post much more on this very complex issue, but just a few more thoughts:

  • I would like to see everyone follow the law and see that those responsible for doing so enforce it.
  • Breaking down the door is not the way to earn the respect of the homeowner giving the party.
  • When those breaking the law belong predominently to one ethnic group, the reputation of everyone in that group will be suspect in the eyes of the public.
  • Breaking the law to gain entry to the US and then demanding "rights" that usually belong to citizens or those here legally? Sorry, that does NOT make for a logical argument.

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