Saturday, April 22, 2006

Foxy Returns

My buddy Mark, up in the Adirondacks, moved his wood’s camera to a new site earlier this week after several visits by a fisher (see the earlier post). He had been seeing a doe and her young and was hoping to get pictures of the family.

The new location is about a quarter of a mile from the old (from about two hundred yards behind my place to around the same distance behind his place across the road). Very early last Wednesday morning he had a visitor. A beautiful gray fox that has been around our places for over a year, came in to feed on the bait Mark put out. (Mark promises he intends to go looking for something a little more appropriate to the diet of a white-tail.)
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Foxy comes in to the bait.

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Foxy poses for the camera.

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Foxy finishes all the food.

This fox, or one like it raised a slew of kits two summers ago. They lived behind my place and visited often. They also denned up under my garage and used both my campfire ring and garage floor as a toilet. Mark saw the adult often in his clearing and it ate all the stale bread and donuts he could put out.

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