Monday, April 10, 2006

More Sh*t Happens

Back in February I wrote about the Trip From Hell (Best Laid Plans or Sh*t Happens), wherein I had a flat tire and then had the entire wheel come off to go rolling passed me down Route 17 in white-out conditions when the entire wheel assembly seems to have given way. I got the truck repaired and then new tire on March 10th. I put that new tire in the spare position under the truck bed figuring I would get three more when I found out what my tax bill was for this year (or this fall if I ended up owing Uncle Sam or NJ too much cash) to complete the set.

Well, the spare that was now on the truck’s driver’s side rear position started acting wonky. It had very little air in it last week so I filled it to the recommended pressure and went off on another jaunt to PA and then the Adirondacks, a trip of approximately 750 Miles. Whenever I stopped I visually inspected the tire and it seemed fine.

This morning I drove to Home Depot to pick up some grass seed to attempt another lawn in the backyard (that’s, another story) and the tire seemed fine when I left he house. Walking out of the store, however I noticed it was nearly a pancake. I figured, what the hell, I’ll slap on the new tire/spare that’s under the truck and go get this one checked out. That’s when I discovered the spare was missing. Someone had stolen the brand new tire from under my truck despite the locking access to the mechanism that lowers it to the ground—and they were kind enough to crank the holder back up into position and replace the lock! It’s going to cost me about $225 for a new rim and a new tire to replace the one that was stolen. Oh, I found out the flat had been patched once before, was leaking around that patch and the dealer didn’t recommend it be tried again. I decided to get a full set of new tires now and use one of the others already on the truck for the spare.

What really bothers me is that I have been in constant control of that truck since I got that new tire. It’s only been on its lonesome one day when Terry and I drove her new car to see the logs stacked in Hancock/Deposit, NY. WHEN did the thief get to steal the tire? And if he could get by the lock, why not the entire truck? It is the same key, after all.

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