Monday, April 17, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 14
Floor joists

Don and Adam were back at work up on the hill today. They finished the floor joists, installed the bracing and lay out and installed the first sheet of sub-flooring. All on a very beautiful day!

A little ladder action
A little ladder action at the rear of the utility room. I’m not a professional, but the ladder here may simply be supplying additional support for the courses of logs that will be stacked atop this area.

A mystery foto! Looking straight down it appears to have details of the corner and how the ribbon boards are overlapped. Or, maybe, it's just to show the PVC pipes that will be the entrance of the electrical wires? I'm not sure.
But I can speculate that there’s a ladder along this edge too. This would be the back of the main portion of the house. So this ladder action may very well be to support the walls to be laid next Thursday.

From back to front
Looking from the back to the front. Notice how straight the metal cross braces are positioned.

And, look at that view!

Construction adhesive (glue)
Adam applies some adhesive to the floor joists. Combined with the nails to hold it down, this sub-floor should never squeak! The tongue and groove AdvanTech that we are using is superior to the usual OSB in that it will withstand moisture and even rain without absorbing any of it. Normal OSB will show raised wood chips and swell, plywood will delaminate, but AdvanTech will do neither.

What a view!
With a work site like ain't work!
This is what we will see from the front deck when the house is finished.

End of Monday, 4/17
End of the day on Monday, 4/17.
One sheet of sub flooring in place, all the joists and their bracing in place...looks like its quitting time.

How about that view!

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