Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 10a: The Concrete Pour

On Monday, the foundation crew finished up their work with the forms and then they poured the concrete. Don took some pictures of the process and I finally got copies this evening. It looks like it was a beautiful day on the hill with clear skies and views that would last forever. To get the concrete to the back (south) wall and the adjacent corners, and to make pouring concrete into the 8” wide spaces between the forms, they used a pumping crane with a long boom. The hose attached to the crane allowed the crew to “drop” the concrete straight down the void. It looks like they added a layer of nudura barrier material to the exterior walls of the basement. I’m guessing this is to protect the foam during the back-filling process that should have taken place today.

More traditional chute delivery
Two concrete trucks plus a crane? Didn’t know there was that much room on site! Notice the filled metal forms for the garage in the foreground.

Concrete Crane
Pouring concrete from a hose.

Pouring concrete
Hose from crane drops concrete straight down the void.

Dropping concrete straight down
No wheelbarrows, ramps or very long chutes needed on this job to reach the distant corners.

Crane can reach out
The boom on the crane can really reach out but it helps when you can pull right into the basement, too!

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