Thursday, April 13, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 11
Rafters and floor joists

Whew! Just posting the pictures of what Don and Adam are doing out in PA is making me exhausted. They are really moving along.

Today they started putting the floor joists in place.

Floor joists go up
Don (on the wall) positions the end of one of the floor joists before nailing it in place.

Half done
One half of the floor joists are in place.

Gearing up!
Adam dons the tools of the trade.
Trucks in the background are parked on the driveway of the nextdoor lot.

SW corner
SW corner: The joists are in under the bedroom and bathroom.

NW corner
NW corner: Joists are in under the kitchen and dining area.

SE corner
And there was still time to put most of the joists under the second first floor bedroom in the SE corner.

It was an excellent day for working on the hill and Don and Adam made the most of it. From the looks of things, all the joist will be in place by tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, just a random thought, but I was kind of surprised to see "low-tech" dimension lumber being used instead of I-joists given the high-tech foundation. But then again, their use is usually for long spans and was probably unneccesary as the span there looks about 10 ft?

A.G.T. who isn't signed in.