Thursday, April 06, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 7a
Dry stacked first floor.

Terry and I drove out to Hancock/Deposit, NY this morning to see the dry stacking of our log home. When Beaver Mountain mills the logs for your home, they then dry stack them to see how they look. They invite the purchaser to see and comment on what will soon be their new home.

We arrived at 9:00 AM as scheduled and were warmly greeted by Mike, Kristi, Joann and Rick. Mike and Rick guided us down to the workshop floor where the staff had already stacked 9 courses of logs to reach the top of the door and window sills.
Dry Stacked Log Home
Looking over the rear wall to the NE corner where the fireplace will be. The large opening in the far wall will be a pair of French doors leading out onto the deck. The opening on the right wall (east) is the entrance from the foyer.

South Wall
Looking down at the SE corner of the house. The window opening will be in one of two 14' x 14' bedrooms.

Moving to the opposite end of the building:
Looking from the deck into the house.
Standing on the deck and looking through the french doors. In the rear we have two bedrooms. As you move forward on the left will be the bathroom, kitchen (off screen) and dining room (also off screen). In fron tof the bedroom on the left will be a stairway leading upstairs to the loft, Master Bedroom and bath. (A set of stairs will also lead down to the full basement.) In front of that will be the entrance from the foyer and the living room with fireplace (both just off the screen).

NE Corner
Standing on the deck, the NE corner of the home is solid wood. You can really appreciate the beauty of the white pine used in milling the 8" x 8" logs being used in our home. Notice the butt-and-pass corners we opted for.

We'll step inside in Part 2.

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