Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Animal rights terrorists

Before you make any donations to PETA, Green Peace, HSUS or any other organization that proselytizes for Animal Rights think back on this group and their activities:
David Hall and Partners who ran the family business at the Darley Oaks Farm in central England, endured abuse, death threats and firebomb attacks during one of the UK's most sustained harassment campaigns by animal rights groups.

In the worst incident, in October 2004, the grave of Gladys Hammond, mother-in-law of one of the co-owners who had died in 1997 aged 82, was dug up and her remains stolen.

They have never been found.
Death threats, firebombs, grave robbing…sounds like a sane, reasoned approach to protesting the use of guinea pigs in research.

Animal rights activists admit dug-up grave case

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