Friday, April 21, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 16
The first row of logs
the most important row

On April 20th, we had technical assistance and instruction by Nick from Beaver Mountain Log Homes.

Nick checked the deck for square and snapped some chalk lines for our first course of logs. He then walked us through the instillation of the first two rows.

Here Nick (in black, gray and light gray stripped shirt), Don (inserting a lag bolt), Jim (in the stripped hat) and Adam (switching out a caulk tube) are placing the first wall. Although Don, Adam and Jim had worked on a Beaver Mountain Log Home previously—some two years ago—Nick was able to provide a refresher course on who to ensure a tight fit and make sure everything was being done correctly.

Nick is laying out the caulk for the second wall as Jim looks on.

Adam bolts down the first log as Nick checks that everything is aligned correctly. (And uses some “gentle persuasion” to line things up.)

Nick watches Adam bolt down the fourth wall. (The persuader was used on the logs, not Adam.) Jim marks the deck so we know where the lag screws are. Thus, when we drill for electricity we will choose our locations—wisely.

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With the first course of logs in place, the door bucks were installed so the next courses will fit around them. This one shows were the French doors and windows going out onto the deck will be located.

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This opening is from the foyer into the living area of the house.

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And this opening is for a sliding glass door out to a covered porch.

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Great start on your home! - Very exciting to see.

I look forward to visiting your site often to see your progress.

Would you mind if I linked your blog on my blog?