Friday, April 14, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 12a

No pics this day—it’s raining pretty good at the building site. I drove out this morning with some of my workshop tools (drill press and band saw) for the storage unit and to initial the papers for the 7 acres next door. Yeah, we’re buying that lot, too. It’s the only way to assure you’re going to like the neighbors! ;-)

Anyway, after making my drop at the storage unit and picking up the mail, I drove up to the property to take a peek and was surprised to see Don, Adam and young Kyle on the premises. It was raining pretty good and I figured they would have packed it in for the day despite it being just 9:00 AM. They were there to check the materials on site and to hope for a break in the weather. I caught them just as they were about to give up. Don showed me around and pointed out that Rob, the excavator, had already backfilled a good portion of the foundation.

A.G.T. made a comment about the dimensional lumber (2 x 10s) being used for floor joists. If memory serves, Beaver Mountain doesn’t use I-joists. They do have a steel joist system (not a solid girder but the kind with a W through the center of the joist). Using that would have spanned the 28-foot width of the foundation without a center beam, but the cost was more than I cared to pay. The traditional 2 x 10 over a 14-foot span (half the width of the basement) was almost half the price.

Oops, Deb just mailed me some pictures from yesterday! Let me go look at them. Be right back!

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