Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 10b:
Construction Begins

Delivery No. 1
Beaver Mtn. delivered one truckload of materials on Tuesday for the construction of the first floor deck. (The balance of materials are due to be delivered on Wednesday, the 19th.) Sill plates, floor joists and subfloor materials are stacked and covered.

Don and Adam started constructing the floor system on Wednesday.
It’s hammer and nail time.
Placing the main beam
Adam checks the end placement of the huge glu-lam beam that will support the floor joists.

Installing one of the support posts under the beam
Placing one of the support posts under the beam. Adam is on the ladder while Don makes sure he gets it right.

2nd and 3rd post in place
The "front" end of the glu-lam rests on the door/window header.
(This header is only a temp. A glu-lam had to be ordered at the last minute when we realized it wasn't included in the package. Doh!)

Looking down the beam.
Looking down the length of the beam. Don E-mailed to say the beam actually came in six (6) pieces, each one pretty heavy on its own.
Adam auditions for the circus by walking the wall. Looks like it’s a little more overcast today, but the view is still great.

All three support posts
Looking from the open end of the basement you can see how the beam rests on the header and the location of the three posts down the middle of the basement.

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