Friday, April 21, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 15
Delivery!—My First Day

Early morning on the 19th of April. The Deck is completed and We are awaiting delivery from Beaver Mountain of the log home package.

Adam puts the last nail into the AdvanTech sub-floor. While we await deliver from Beaver Mountain.

Rob uses the dozer to make some last minute alterations of the grade in preparation of the arrival of the tractor trailers.

The first truck arrived just around 8 AM, backed into the unloading area and Ron promptly attacked it with the LoadAll.

This is a sweet machine that looks like a scorpion. The forks are attached to a boom that can reach out almost 30 feet. The entire machine can also adjust port to starboard for level. All four wheels are involved in the steering so it can also turn on a dime—very important in our tight quarters on The Hill.
The first load consisted of some tongue and groove for the roof (the yellow, green and white wrapped stacks), the shingles (the blue and white stacks), and the doors, windows and various accoutrements such as grilles and screens (the boxes on the right of this shot).

Rob was able to use the LoadAll to actually place some pallets inside the walk-out basement.

These crates of doors and windows had to be lifted off the truck and then emptied as the crates had to be returned. All I can say is French doors are heavy!

While we unloaded the first truck, two more stacked up out on the road. (So much for the staggered delivery times!) These contained the pallets of milled logs.

This truck was one that carried the logs. From the earlier picture you could see that Beaver Mountain insists in having the load covered while in transit (to keep off road grime) and has each pallet covered individually as well.

A fourth truck pulled up with the trusses for the garage wing. The LaodAll made quick work of offloading these and stacking them on the bank behind the garage.

Well, it made quick work of offloading them. When Rob tried to lay them down, they actually were perfectly balanced and needed some gentle nudging to go down on their side.

But down they eventually went.

Once all deliveries were made, we had piles of stuff all over the site. Most of it got covered with green tarps like the pallets of tongue and groove on the right.

Some just lay around. But not for long.

Don rented a tractor trailer for storage. We first loaded all the insulation and then started putting the windows and doors and the tongue and groove inside for sorting by size and use and lockable storage.

Thus ended my first day of work at the log home construction.

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