Friday, April 14, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 12b: Tonka Toy Time

The pictures Deb sent were of Rob back filling the foundation and grading the driveway leading up to the garage. He needed to get some of the dirt out of the way so we will have room for the materials that will be shipped from Beaver Mountain Log Homes on Wednesday. There should be three or four more truckloads of stuff coming then. Not just the logs, but the panels that form the garage, the insulation, the roofing materials, the tongue and groove planks that from the second floor, the second floor floor joists, and much, much more.

Rob at work
Rob is backfilling around the garage and the south wall of the basement.

Rob at work
Here, Rob is grading the driveway up to the garage as well as filling around the front of the garage’s foundation. The two green bundles behind him are materials to be used in the first floor decking.

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