Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Light Posting

You may have noticed that posting has been nonexistant this week. I've been working with Don and Adam erecting the walls of the log home. Monday we got three courses of logs up; on Tuesday we got two more before the drizzle and cold winds ended our day; and than on Wednesday we got two more up despite the icy footing.

Altogether we have 11 of the 14 rows of logs up. Things have slowed down a bit because we're working on ladders now. We've one more course before we're above the doors and windows and working with long logs again.

Don and Adam installed one of the Scapewell doors in the basement while I cleaned up the deck after the final course of logs this afternoon.

I'll have pictures to post this weekend when I have access to high-speed hook-ups back in New Jersey. Check in again late Friday or early Saturday.

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