Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Laptop theft on the rise in SF

You go to a Starbucks or other hot-spot café in The City by the Bay to do a little work while sipping your latte and you run the risk of having your laptop ripped off.
"You walk by any Starbucks and you see people with a laptop, it's so tempting for the crooks. They walk in, right on top of the person, and the person has all their attention on the laptop. They snatch it right out from underneath their fingertips.

"The word is out with crooks in general,'' Lynch said.
So very civilized, this liberal, tough on gun control, Paris of the West.
San Francisco's Western Addition area has been hard hit this year, with 11 robberies so far. Park Station Capt. John Ehrlich, who oversees the area, said he has met with the community, giving the message that people need to fasten down their computers and back up their data.
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The cops can’t do much about it since they say they can’t stakeout all the internet cafes and they caution the victims that resistance may be dangerous. One man has already been stabbed for his PowerBook.

Hey, remind me again why concealed carry laws are bad.

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