Saturday, April 08, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 8b
The Foundation

(Because there are so many pictures!)

Behind the garage
From behind the garage you can see the opening for the walk-out as well as the utility room (on the right), one of the Bilco window openings and the basement’s bathroom window opening.

Looking into the walk-out
Looking in through the basement doors windows toward the utility room. Notice, again the bracing and scaffolding along the walls. Pea gravel has already been spread inside the basement. This makes for a nicer working surface. The soil is heavy red clay and can really stick to your boots. Once the house is underway, foam pads will be placed flat atop the gravel. The PEX tubing for the radiant floor heating will go on top of that and finally five inches of concrete will be poured to form the floor.

Looking at the west wall's interior
Looking at the interior of the west wall you can see the cut-outs for the windows. The braces against the wall are channeled metal. The channels are wide enough to hold the blue braces that also support the scaffolds. Wit 9-foot ceilings specified for the basement, these walls are nearly 9-and-one-half feet high. It really gives you a feeling for the volume of the area.


Gun Trash said...

Man-o-Man, even tho' I saw it on one of the handymanly shows and here I am looking at it in your pictures, I'm still sort of awestruck at that technology.

joated said...

Yeah, it is kind of space-age to think they can use coffee cups to make your foundation.