Saturday, April 22, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 17
Window and door bucks,
drilling for electricity and
laying logs

Friday, April 21st:
I forgot about the camera during the morning as Don and I got right to work laying out the electrical outlets and switches so we could drill through the first two courses of logs using a 1-1/2 inch auger bit. These holes will allow for the pulling of electric wires from the basement up through the logs. (A stud wall constructed of 2x4s or 2x6s would be easier to pull wires through once all walls were erected, but with logs you have to drill as you erect the walls. On the other hand, once you’ve erected the log wall, you’re done. With the 2x wall you’ve got to put up outside sheathing, shigles or siding, insulation, inside sheetrock or plaster…etc.) Holes for electric outlets would have to be drilled through the third row of logs to get the boxes placed at the correct height. Any switches or wall-mounted lights will have to have their chases drilled higher. Some will go all the way to the top row as they may have to control ceiling mounted fixtures.

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Here’s a shot of the completed third row of logs.

Window bucks had to be constructed and installed starting with the fourth row. As Adam and Jim put the window bucks together, I laid the fourth course of logs in place (with occasional help due to length/weight) and drilled the holes that needed to be continued.

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Once the tape, caulk and finally logs and bucks were lifted into place, we went around the walls and lagged the logs down.

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The final log of the day is ready for placement.

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The weather forecast had been for showers starting around 4 in the afternoon but they held off. At 4:30, after we had finished lagging down all of row 4, bracing all the window bucks and had started cleaning up, the sky was still just partly cloudy.

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A couple of more shots of the completed fourth row.

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