Saturday, April 15, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 13
Beams and floor joists
backfilling the foundation

After getting rained out on Friday, Don and Adam went back up the hill today and worked in the glorious sunshine. They got a great deal done.

Don & Adam at work.
Placing a shorter glu-lam over the entrance to the utility room.

Don & Adam at work
Securing floor joists to the main beam.

Using hangers to attach floor joists to the beam over the utility room opening.

Something's up
Way up high is a hawk/buzzard soaring above the Aerie.

End of Saturday's work
Nearly all the floor joists are in; only a few over the utility room still to be placed.
There’s a good view of the backfilling that Ron did the other day. Lots of fill is still needed inside the garage, though.

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