Friday, April 14, 2006

April 15

Traditionally it’s Income Tax Day (although this year’s filing date has been moved to Monday, the 17th) but to many firearms advocates, April 15th is Buy A Gun Day in celebration of our Second Amendment rights.

Last year I convinced my wife that I needed to purchase a flintlock muzzleloader to take advantage of the special season for primitive weapons for deer in PA. (Of course, I never got my PA license last year spending most of my time in NY, but I am ready for this fall.)

This year I will forego the purchase of any new weaponry. With the need to sell our New Jersey home and build or PA log home, I’ve not time nor inclination to add to my collection. Besides, with the purchase of the adjacent lot in PA, I’ve got 17 acres to explore there. And in New York there’s 34 acres with 10,000 state acres adjacent I’ve yet to learn as well as I should.

But next year….

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