Thursday, April 13, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 10c:
Repost of floor plans

Just in case you’ve not seen the post in which I clumsily drew the floor plans of our log home, allow me to direct your attention to that October 10, 2005 post:

Log Home Plans, Part II: The Design

An update on the projected finish date. In this post I said, “We are hoping to be able to move in by the end of 2006.” Well, Don’s timetable has a move-in date of October 21, 2006 followed by “Hunt Deer.” Deb, Don’s wife, has the same date on her calendar, but it is followed by “Take Cruise.” (She promises they will be back in time to hunt bear and deer.) In either case, the motivation is there! And, so far, everything is progressing according to the timeline. Once the bulk of the materials are delivered next week, we’ll see how things move along.

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