Monday, May 15, 2006

A "pizzly" or a "grolar bear"?

Seems there is now conclusive proof that grizzly bears and polar bears can and do cross breed.

Let's see...white with patches of brown fur. At least it can't sneak up on you in either forest or on the ice. I still wouldn't want to run into one in the wild!


Anonymous said...

what determines if it is a Grolar Bear or a Pizzly Bear?

joated said...

Well, the link is dead now but I imagine it would have to do with whether it was a male or female.

Anonymous said...

meaning if the mother was a polar or a grizzly?....... Grolar would be a female polar ???????????etc

joated said...

Actually, a grolar would be a male griz and female polar bear.

Just as a liger is a male lion and female tiger. See the link below:

So a pizzly bear would be a male Polar bear and a griz female.