Thursday, September 28, 2006

College Football Firsts

Anyone who is a true college football fan knows that Rutgers played the first officially recognized college football game against Princeton way back in 1869 (Rutgers won that contest by a score of 6-4. RU History)

But how many folks out there know who played in the first night football game?

Mansfield Classical Seminary and Wyoming Seminary—two north central Pennsylvania schools—played the first game under the lights back on September 28, 1892 in Mansfield, PA. For the past 15 years, the University and town celebrate that historic night with The Fabulous 1890’s weekend filled with games, music, entertainment, hot air balloons, food, fireworks and more. It starts this Friday in Mansfield, PA.

“It Happened One Night”: September 28, 1892
The History of Football at Mansfield
Fabulous 1890’s Weekend

It ain't all USC, Notre Dame, Alabama, Oklahoma, etc.

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