Friday, September 01, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 41
Yet More Electrical and Plumbing Progress

Another slow week at the Aerie. Adam returned, but Kyle had to attend school, and I was on the road hauling stuff hither and yon. As a result, there were only two people on the job all week: Don and Adam.

They completed 95% of the electrical wiring and about the same amount of the plumbing. They also emptied the tractortrailer that had been storing our building materials so it can be removed and grading of the landscape can be done.

In just a few more days, a week at most, the walls should be ready for insulation and sheetrock. The ceiling will get its insulation and tongue and groove cover.

Although things have been slow—it takes time to snake wires and tubing through the walls and floors, especially when outlet boxes have to go into the log walls—the time is soon coming for tasks that will make dramatic changes in appearance. We’ve hit the doldrums of the construction process, but there’s a breeze on the horizon and the sails are fluttering to life.

Terry and I have just a little over a week to finish moving all our belongings out of our NJ home. In that respect, it’s crunch time. I see a lot of miles in my near future. This week alone I made day trips to PA and the Adirondacks. Each is about 500 miles round trip from our NJ home. Only the prediction of rain (remnants of Ernesto) and the Labor Day weekend traffic prevented me from making a third trip. But I’ll be back on the road Tuesday and Wednesday with the pickup truck. Thursday we have a U-Haul reserved and Friday we will be driving that to PA.

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