Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So Long NJ!

Well, it’s done. Terry and I are officially non-residents of New Jersey. The closing on our home occurred without a hitch Tuesday afternoon. Now we just have to figure out how to get ourselves declared residents of PA even though we are not actually living there yet. There’s little sense in declaring NY our home since we will be out of here in a month and a half if Don, Adam and I can get things moving. All the paperwork involved in getting yourself declared a resident of a state is amazing. Just as all sorts of proofs need to be presented to NJ DMV to renew a license, PA requires much the same only their offices are only open two days a week locally. If I want to drive down to Williamsport they are open 6 days a week. But be prepared to stay in line that long! Oh, well. Soon.

Tuesday morning we loaded my pickup truck and Terry’s car with the last of our belongings and dropped a few plants off with the neighbor for adoption or euthinashia as she sees fit. (Then we called my brother-in-law to see if he could pick up some desks and chairs I had no room for—bad planning that.) Terry drove around dropping off the cable company’s box and remotes, telling the post office about our change of address, dropping things off at the church and library, and then she called Verizon to cancel our DSL since that is not cancelled with the phone service. (Think about that for a second. Canceling Verizon phone service does not automatically cancel the DSL service. If you don’t get Verizon phone can you get Verizon DSL?) She finished by contacting PSE&G with our final meter reading. (JCP&L sent someone out to read the meter, but that is exterior. PSE&G and the water meter are inside. Water is supposed to be read via telephone, but they couldn’t provide a final reading at the closing so I don’t know what’s up with that.

We closed at 4PM and then had dinner on our realtor’s dime before setting out for the Adirondacks and our temporary home while PA is being completed. We’ve almost totally unpacked and have barely enough room to walk around inside the cabin, none in the garage and even have stuff in the trailer parked in the barn. It will take us two or three days to sort some of the stuff out and put it away in a more logical manner but, by Saturday or Sunday (my birthday!) we should be well established in our digs.

On the PA front, Don reports that most of the kitchen cabinets were delivered on Wednesday and that he and Adam are making progress with the last bit of work on the utilities and varnishing. (I’m not sure what they are varnishing but, hey, they’re doing it!)

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