Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thoughts from the Road

Change of plans….After loading the U-Haul van with the aid of Terry’s cousin and my fishing/hunting buddy Joe, we also loaded my pickup. At 1 o’clock, I took the pickup to the Adirondacks…and drove back, arriving home by 10 PM. Tomorrow morning we, Terry and I, head out to PA with the U-Haul full of furniture.

Since April I’ve put about 16,000 miles on the pickup. Enough to go from Bar Harbor, Maine to Seattle, Washington to San Diego, California to Miami, Florida and back to Bar Harbor…three times. And I’m not done yet.

During the summer I’ve seen gas prices as high as $3.25 and now down to $2.65…at the same gas station.

This fall (I know, I know, “Fall” doesn’t start for two weeks), I’ve seen more Monarch butterflies making their migratory flights south than I saw last year. That’s good news considering the decimation of their wintering grounds by fire two years ago. And they have lots of food resources in the form of goldenrod growing in abandoned pasture and along field and road edges.

Baseball is better than football on the radio.

There are way too few oldies radio stations.

While I like country music, hearing the same songs over and over again on what are essentially Top 40 stations is driving me crazy.

If you travel at the speed limit (65) on either I-80 or the NY Thruway, some one is going to run up your butt!

Some folks out there have to remember to stay to the right except when they are passing.

The U-Haul online reservation system is very, very convenient.

If the gent at the U-Haul rental place in Parsippany, NJ is to be believed, there are a lot of New Jersey folks heading to North Carolina, Tennessee and Arizona. (He said he rented out 100 trucks to each of those destinations in August alone.)

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