Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 42
On the road again still

I've made three trips already this week (Adirondacks on Sunday and Wednesday, PA on Tuesday) and will make yet another trip to PA on either Thursday afternoon or, more likely, Friday morning.

I stopped to talk with Don and Adam on Tuesday. They continue to work on the electric, plumbing and, now, the phone lines. The phone lines are CAT-5 lines and will also carry the TV and computer services.

After my visit last week, the white trailer that had been our on site storage unit was hauled away. It's really amazing how that really opens up the front yard. There will definitely be a sunny area for Terry's tomatoes and flowers. And being on the side of the hill, any cold air should cascade away from the plants so frosts shouldn't be a problem.

After Friday's trip with all the larger pieces of furniture, I'll have just one more solo trip to the Adirondacks (either Saturday or Sunday) with some odds and ends.

Saturday the kittens (actually they have grown considerably in the month they have been here and should be called cattens, that is miniature cats) get their boosters and papers from the vet before they have to hit the road with us.

The NJ property closing is scheduled for Tuesday and we will then be outta here!

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