Friday, October 09, 2009

Aerie Report, October 9, 2009

here's a photo of the new shed doors I installed yesterday.

New doors on old shed.

The shed was the only building left standing on the property when we purchased it back in 2005. The former owner had a trailer on a loose concrete block foundation at one time. It was serviced by a drilled, but shallow, well; a septic system; and electric power that ran through the property. The doors of the shed were hanging loosely by their hinges thanks to either someone breaking in, large animals, or strong winds. The rest of the shed was remarkably sound (except for that little bit of trim in the lower left that needs to be refastened). We reattached the old doors and put a padlock on them while using it for storage during construction.


The rains arrived as predicted but the heaviest seems to be a little to the west of here at the moment. It's even stopped for the time being. I'm sure that's only going to last an hour or two before we get socked again, but in these hills you can never tell. Air flow around and over the Northern Tier can be a wee bit unpredictable which is sort of amazing to me as the mountains are all less than 3000 feet in elevation.

I'm currently looking at winds swirling around the Aerie but predominantly out of the southwest and the clouds have dropped so that, looking out the window, I'm actually looking down at their bottoms.


When I wrote that I was reading Butcher's Dresden Files yesterday, I mentioned I was on the last one, Turn Coat. Well, it seems I was wrong. There's a new one coming out in 2010. Only the title is currently known according to Wikipedia: Changes. It will be #12 in the series started back in 2000. The man is prolific!


Speaking of prolific.... While I'm waiting for Changes to come out, I can always go buy Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett. I can't believe that it's been out for a month and I haven't picked a copy up already. Guess I'm just too far from the nearest B & N. Which is often a good thing!

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JihadGene said...

The doors look great!