Saturday, October 17, 2009 gowns...Hey, They're both white!

The view from the front windows of the Aerie on the morning of October 16th.

First snow of the year: October 16.

Three to four inches of snow accumulated on the deck and the grassy areas. The driveway had about one inch. All snow was of the heavy wet variety that clung to the leaves on the trees and threatened to bring them down.


I drove down the thruway yesterday and, although there had been reports of snow in the Catskills, I saw nothing on the hills. Of course, by the time I was driving through that area it was well past 3 PM and the temperature was above 50 degrees.

Today's Newark Star Ledger has a front page photo of a teen in Sparta building a snowman from the 1-2 inches of snow they got in the northwest corner of New Jersey.


I arrived at the church in Dumont at 5:30 and Terry, coming from PA, arrived five minutes later. Even then, we were the first ones on the scene and the rehearsal would not be started until 7 PM.

When it did start, everything went smoothly. The Priest, Father Bob, was pleasant and gave directions clearly and plainly. Everything should go well today.

Afterward, we all went to a nice Italian restaurant on River Road for an excellent dinner.

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Rev. Paul said...

You win the "first snow" race. We have sunny skies & 37 today.