Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cha- cha- cha- changes!

Man, I hate it when plan falls apart.

My niece is getting married on New Jersey. She asked me to do a reading at the wedding and I agreed. That means I need to be there for the rehearsal on Friday night. Terry got back from her sojourns to Indianapolis and Pittsburgh on Saturday and I, who had been babysitting the cats, was just starting to enjoy some meals cooked by her. I planned on traveling with her to NJ for the wedding and then back to PA and on up to the Bolt Hole for deer season. (NY muzzleloader starts this Saturday and rifle season is the Saturday after that.)

Then I got a phone call from my buddy Mark. Seems that the cold temperatures are hitting hard at the Bolt Hole. It was down to the high teens Monday night/Tuesday morning. He was going up and wanted to know if I wanted him to build a fire in the woodstove.

Now, when I left, I thought the temperatures would be a bit warmer in early October than they have been so I didn't drain the pipes. The place does seem to stay warmer than you'd expect but still, 16 or 17 degrees outside is going to cool things off considerably. I told him to go for it. Build that fire.

And then I looked at the weather forecast for the next couple of days and saw that the night time lows were going to be, if anything, even lower. That got me a bit worried as Mark's only going to be there for the one night. Soooo....

I packed my bags, rifles, ammo and all the rest of my hunting gear and will be putting it in the Tundra early this morning and heading north.

Just to keep the place warm.

It means I go back to eating my own cooking. Which is dull in comparison to what Terry does.

It also means I will be traveling down to NJ from the Bolt Hole on Friday while Terry drives in from PA. She'll be in the Jeep Compass because of a forecast for possible snow and sleet in the higher elevations on Friday. (Not north of the Catskills, however.)

I hate it when a plan just flat out falls apart.

I'm blaming Al Gore for this inconvenience.

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threecollie said...

I agree! Gore has a lot to answer for!