Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Even a Broken Clock....

The weather guessers got it right!

It started raining here around 8:30 AM Tuesday. It's been falling ever since and promises to continue much of today. I had pulled the rain gauge when the temperatures fell below freezing a few weeks ago so I've no idea how much rain has fallen at the Aerie but suffice to say it's been a lot!

While the rain has been falling, the temperatures have been rising. We watched the thermometer go up slowly but steadily during the entire day despite the howling winds (20-plus mph with gusts much higher) we experienced. The highest readings (54 degrees) occurred as we went to bed at 10 PM. It continued to rise over night and was 58 degrees this morning at 7 AM. The temperature won't stay that high for long, however. The forecast is for 26 degree lows tonight with some of this rain turning to snow. It's already snowing int he western portions of the state with the dividing line somewhere around State College and west of the Allegheny National Forest.

I feel a little sorry for those guys who took the week off to spend it at their hunting camps. It's not been fit weather for man or beast out there. However, it didn't stop Mister (or perhaps Mrs.) Bruin from making a visit and tearing down the three bird feeders I had hanging from the shepherds crooks. The two sunflower seed holders just needed to be put back together but the thistle feeder needs a new hanger. The cheap plastic hook was snapped in two.

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Rev. Paul said...

Rain at temps just above freezing makes for a miserable outdoor existence; my sympathy goes out to the hunters who are braving those elements. I'll take snow over a cold rain ANY day.